Our Project

Hindmans Way Improvements Dagenham

Client: SEGRO (Eastplus) Limited Contract Value: £3,000,000 Contract Duration: 40 Weeks

The Client

Fox (Owmby) Limited were appointed by SEGRO and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to deliver an adoptable highway on the existing Hindmans Way un adopted track, in order to improve safety and access for road users and pedestrians so as to promote regeneration on SEGRO Park, Dagenham, East London.

The Project

New accesses were constructed and the necessary drainage and utilities installed to service several large future development parcels.

Hindmans Way also provides access to the Stolthaven Terminal situated on the River Thames and other businesses.

Our works on this project involved the reconstruction and widening of the existing carriageway and entrances along with the construction of footways and cycleways, together with associated utility, drainage, kerbing, paving and surfacing works and the provision and installation of fencing, street lighting, signs and bollards.

Upon being awarded the Contract we were provided with a set of scheme drawings which had been technically approved by the local Highway authority (LBBD), however as part of our award we were required to develop these to construction issue drawings together with undertaking the street lighting and cable design works.

Project Completion

The highway improvement works involved the following activities:-

Traffic Management
Traffic management plans were prepared by our site management team for the works required. Due to uninterrupted access being required to the Stolthaven Terminal which operates 24/7 and other businesses along Hindmans Way, road closures were not possible, therefore the highway and drainage works needed to be carefully phased to progressively complete the works whilst maintaining access to these businesses.

We carried out a letter drop before commencing work on site and had regular meetings with the local businesses throughout the duration of the contract so that they were kept up to date with our programme and traffic management arrangements.

Highway Construction
A phasing plan was prepared for the highway construction and drainage works and excavation work was carried out in stages, excavated materials were segregated and placed into designated stockpiles for chemical testing prior to disposal offsite to licensed landfill facilities.

All concrete and tarmac arisings were sent to a recycling facility and the bulk of the excavated clay required disposal of, as non-hazardous soil also to a licensed facility.

CBR testing was carried out by our geotechnical consultant on the road formation to ensure a minimum CBR of 2.5%.

Surface Water and Foul Water Drainage
The drainage works comprised the installation of approximately 450m of deep Surface Water drainage up to 600mm diameter and 430m of 150mm diameter Foul Water drainage including the installation of 2 rising mains.

The surface water drainage involved the installation of 600mm diameter concrete pipes beneath an existing culvert in Hindmans Way known as the Stolthaven Culvert. In order for this work to be undertaken safely cofferdams were installed either side of the culvert and heading was constructed beneath the culvert to enable the pipes to be installed.

Utilities Installation
New service installation works were required to provide the necessary services to the future development parcels, these included the installation of electric ducting, HV cables and construction of a sub-station base, installation of a 125mm medium pressure gas main, installation of a 125mm water main along with the installation and diversion of BT ducts and chambers and the installation of street lighting ducts.

The service installation works required careful coordination by our site management team to ensure that they were completed in accordance with our Programme, so that the services were installed in time for the completion of the highway works.

Carriageway and Footway Construction Works
The carriageway and footway construction works were carried out in stages as the drainage works progressed. CBR testing was carried out by our geotechnical consultant on the Type 1 Sub-base to ensure a minimum CBR of 30% was achieved.

The carriageway surfacing was approximately 5,000m2 and footways approximately 2,200m2.

Kerbing and Paving Works
Approximately 900m of kerbs and edgings were installed along with tactile and corduroy paving to the pedestrian crossings and cycleway.

Other works undertaken included the following activities:
– Design and Installation of street lighting cables and ducts
– Installation of traffic signs and bollards
– Installation of paladin and palisade fencing and gates
– Installation of line markings to the carriageway and footway/cycleways
– Clearance and preparation work to the development parcels