Our Project

Fairfield Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Client: Fairfield Bio Energy Project Contract Value: £1,300,000 Contract Duration: 32 weeks

The Client

Fairfield Bio Energy Limited operate a food waste anaerobic digestion plant in Stockport, England. They generate green gas for injection into the national gas network. Their facility is sited upon an old landfill site, constructed above ground and contained within a large reinforced structure.

The Project

A key aspect of the contract was to ensure environmental impact was kept to a minimum. We achieved this by using recycled materials, where we were able, in the form of tarmac planings in lieu of sub-base materials. We used cut off sections of spare 750mm pipework for catchpits instead of concrete chamber rings and instead of sending a prefab building to tip gave it to a firm who refurbished it for their own use.

Over the 32 week contract we constructed a 30m x 30m Veldeman prefabricated building constructed of an aluminium framework with toughened fabric sheeting which houses the pre-treatment machinery and receives the food waste. This building was built on a 250mm reinforced concrete slab with a 600mm x 450mm ring beam for support.

In addition the project required the installation of a surface water drainage scheme, all surface water drainage, a pumped foul system, numerous additional reinforced concrete structures and all service ducts and pipework as well as the installation of a new weighbridge and associated concrete works.

We assisted with the overall design of the project and provided the day to day on site project management function on behalf of the client during the mechanical and electrical phases of the project. We also provided site training for the client and the DSEAR plan for the site.

Project Completion

  • 30m x 30m Veldeman pre-fabricated building
  • 250mm reinforced concrete slab with a 600mm x 450mm ring beam
  • Surface water drainage scheme
  • A pumped fourl system
  • Site training for the client
  • DSEAR plan for the site