Our Project

Pratt’s Quarry Development

Client: Arnold White Estates Ltd Contract Value: £10,000,000 Contract Duration: 14 Years

The Client

Fox (Owmby) Limited were appointed by AWE Ltd (the landowner) as management contractor for the whole of the project.

This involved the management of the appointed quarry operator (Sibelco UK Ltd) and their earthmoving contractor together with co-ordination and management of the project Geotechnical Engineers (TSL) and the scheme designers (SMA Ltd).

In addition FOL co-ordinated and liaised with individual house builders, as and when various phases of the development were released for sale.

The Project

A design and build quarrying and engineering project commencing 2001 up until completion Spring 2016 on a 55 Hectare site. Works commenced 2002 and were completed Spring 2016, during which time the works entailed 7 tendered phases of works.

These comprised:

  • Site 15A Phase 1 – 2002-2004
  • Site 15A Phases 2 & 3 – 2005-2009
  • Site 15B – 2010-2011
  • Site 15C – 2008-2013
  • Site 15D Phases 1, 2 & 3 – 2009-2014
  • Quarry Acceleration Works – 2006-2009
  • Final Restoration – 2015-201

Project Completion

The works entailed:

  • Extraction of mineral
  • Road haulage of mineral to washing plants located to the north of Leighton Buzzard
  • Dewatering management inclusive of gaining of discharge consent, for water to be shed into a perimeter IDB watercourse, management of water discharge quality inclusive of weekly sampling and testing
  • Back-filling of excavations with engineered soils for future housing development (approximately 2000 units have to date been constructed upon restored quarry workings)
  • Design and construction of a 6 hectare recreational facility
  • Design and construction of a 10 hectare lake (attenuation facility) approximately average 5 metres in depth together with surrounding park land
  • Design and construction of adoptable roads inclusive of the installation of a 100,000 litre foul water pumping station and associated rising mains